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Project |01


Obsessed Fan Club: Adam Scott | Web Short

I teamed up with Actress and Writer Heather Keller, who studies at Upright Citizens Brigade, on this Fan Video parody with a twist.

Taylor and Ariel are in love with Adam Scott. To honor him and his talent, they set out to film their favorite Adam Scott scenes as accurately as their skills allow.  Drag included. 


Watch here.


Project |02


Obsessed Fan Club: Batman, Ep. 2 | Web Short

Taylor and Ariel have a new obsession! And a special guest  - Lee Meriwether!


Watch here.



Project |03


The Fishing House | Web Sketch Short

Originally seen LIVE in the Club 5150 Sketch Show in Hollywood, this audience favorite is now captured on film.

It was a pleasure to work with fellow Minnesotans Jaime Tintor and Kristin Rozanski on this comedic look at some locals spending a winter's day live-streaming on the frozen lake in their ice-fishing house!


Watch here.



Project |04


The Reel Housewives of Theatre West | Webseries - 2 Seasons

I've filmed 10 Episodes with these hilarious & wonderful women!  Including a Music Video!  Or rather, I should say a public service announcement in song form, called "Stiffy Pill." ;-)


"The Reel Housewives of Theatre West" is a Comedy Web Series about five actresses in a small theatre company in Los Angeles clawing their way to the middle. Created by Mary Garripoli. 

Watch here.

Project |05


Lily's Bush | Web Sketch Short

I teamed up with Actress and Writer Heather Keller for a comedic take on a locally grown, farm to table business with a fresh (?) idea. Filmed on-location at an actual independently operated California farm!


"Lily's Bush" follows two women farmers, who harvest their organic bushes to share with the LA community. They are all natural, raw, non-GMO, dairy-soy-gluten-sugar free, delicious and healing.

Watch here.

Project |06


I Am Sophie. | One-Person play |  Hollywood Fringe Festival

I wrote, produced, and acted in this one-person play, which was introduced as a workshop production at The Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2017.  It ran under our La Vie Theatre banner at Hollywood's Underground Theatre - ANNEX.


About the show: "I Am Sophie" is an exploration of identity in which YOU become the confidante to Sophie Carter, formerly known as Kate Carter. Sophie is a changed woman returning to the United States after living in France. She comes home to take care of her sick father and when she arrives, her loved ones meet Sophie for the first time. What follows is an existential adventure. With humor and an aching heart, Sophie has us all wondering – “Am I who I think I am?”


Read what audiences had to say about the show... and remember to support local theater!



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